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Porsche: Going full line-up?

We have our doubts that Porsche will ever go full line-up and competing in every segment, but have a look, just out of curiosity.

Sports cars are two-doors, rear-wheel drive and low-slung, say the purists. A sports car company can’t – shouldn’t – build SUVs, claim the naysayers. But the Germans at Porsche shrugged off the purists and naysayers and built a performance SUV that has proven to be a true success. A similar feat is already brewing the form of the Panamera, and if the opposition is any indication, Porsche is set to strike the same nerve once again.

Already rivals are preparing similar super-sedans, including Aston Martin’s Rapide and Lamborghini’s Estoque. But the future of Porsche’s business lies not only in four-door people-movers that its fans love to hate. There’s still a strong and rich heritage of sports cars that underpins the company, and they are not neglecting that aspect of their lineup at all.

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Source: Motor Authority