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Porsche Panamera: Test caravan spied in Calaifornia desert

Porsche Panamera
We found some fresh spy shots of the Porsche Panamera caught testing in the California desert.

However the entire vehicle had only been seen covered with camo until recently, when images surfaced of an example wearing little more than covers on the headlights, taillights, and rear windows. Now it seems that the same minimal disguise is being used on Panameras testing in the U.S., as Motor Trend reader Matt Grant managed to snap a pic of no less than six of them cruising along interstate I-15 in the Mojave desert. Again looking a bit like a 911 that’s been stretched to add room for a second set of doors, from this angle the Panamera’s planted stance and muscular rear fenders are especially evident, though the model in the foreground is again wearing covers and strips of tape to disguise the true shape of its taillights.

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Source: Motor Trend