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VW, Audi, Porsche: New information about the new low-cost, mid-engine sports car

It’s no secret any longer that Audi and VW are thinking about a new low-cost, mid-engine sports car and we have more information for you.

At the Los Angeles auto show in November, Volkswagen will unwrap a new mid-engine sports car concept. This marks the third iteration of a theme that started in 2003 with the Concept R and continued in 2005 with the EcoRacer.

The proposal we’ll see in L.A. pursues three different strategic goals:

* For Volkswagen, it provides an attractive product in a niche that has long been defined by the Mazda Miata.
* For Audi, it offers the opportunity to switch the next-generation TT from the current FWD/AWD platform to a much more prestigious and more dynamically rewarding mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout.
* For Porsche (which recently cleared another legal hurdle in its quest to take control of VW), there’s a chance to join the fray with a modern successor to the rear-engine 356.

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Source: Automobile Mag