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VW: Design direction and new concepts revealed

VW Future Site
We got a cool tip of an interview with Flavio Manzoni revealing VW’s design direction in future, but also talking about new concepts in the works. A must see!

The VW UP! is the first step into the new VW Vision and aesthetic.
UP! is the “door opener” of the new VW generation, the first manifesto of the new course.

What is Future Site?
Future site is not simply a jump of the immagination into the future. It´s a sensible and “responsible” preview of a possible future, a concrete vision of the year 2028 scenario, representing the life style and the VW design at that time.

Starting from the new horizons of the technology (already within reach) and the trends that are right now perceiveble (first of all the sustainability and the responsibility toward our planet) our intention is to give a realistic representation of the future world.

It´s a sort of virtual manifesto of the VW future strategy and design.

We have generated 3 different concepts as response to different needs:

– The One is a single occupant vehicle for the individual city mobility, with the smallest foot print possible, above all when the car is configurated for the parking, thanks to the innovative magnetic suspensions and folding mechanism. This micro-car is provided with electric propulsion and “human range extender” with 0-emissions and holografic man machine interface.
– The E-go is a low weight high-performing 2 seat coupé, with an iconic and pure exterior design and an innovative interior. The seats are suspended and can be tilted counterbalancing side force, and all virtual interface functions are holografically projected.
– The Room is a living room concept for family or modern nomads, where the space becomes the key-value of the new luxury. No dashboard, very light seats and face to face configuration when the car stops.

VW Future Site

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Source: Virtualcar.it