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VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition: Arrived in Australia

VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition
The VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition has arrived in Australia and is available for order.

The legendary tyre tracks are now being extended by the new Golf GTI Pirelli, with completely new Pirelli high-performance tyres too. They are wrapped around powerful 18inch Pirelli wheels in Titanium look. The car’s interior has been upgraded with partial-leather sports seats with an embedded tyre tread pattern. Instead of the current GTI’s 147kW, the new car converts 169kW into forward propulsion. If needed, a 245 km/h top speed is within the car’s capabilities. In 6.6 seconds the Turbo-FSI propels the GTI Pirelli to 100 km/h from a standstill.

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Source: Full boost, picture by VWvortex