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VW Golf R32: 2009 model not coming to the US

VW Golf R32
If you want to get your hands on a VW Golf R32 in the US, you should better hurry up as the 2009 will not make it stateside.

Volkswagen spokesman Thomas Wegehaupt confirmed the R32’s early exit out of the U.S., which means the original 5,000-unit allotment of hot hatches will be the only current-generation R32s to make it Stateside. Part of the reason for the discontinued R32 could have something to do with next year’s arrival of the MK VI Golf Rabbit, which will be followed by a new GTI and possibly another R32.

The folks over at Kicking Tires say there are still 276 ’08 models left in the US, so there are a few chances left to pick an R32 up.

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Source: Autoblog