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VW Golf: The safe choice

VW Golf
The new VW Golf has scored an excellent rating in European crash tests.

The independent testers at EuroNCAP put the new Golf through a series of rigorous tests. The result: five stars which is the best result compared with the direct competition.

The Golf, with over 26 million vehicles sold, is not one of the most successful vehicles in the world without reason: its diversity and quality are legendary and have made it a safe choice for over 30 years. With every detail perfected, the sixth generation is now setting new and higher standards for the whole Golf class and is thus the best Golf ever built. It is “Das Auto” and embodies the worldwide brand Volkswagen like no other vehicle. This excellent position was certified for the safety features of the new Golf in the most recent EuroNCAP-test: it achieved a phenomenal 36 of 37 possible points and was awarded five stars for occupant protection. It received four stars in the category child safety and thus achieved the highest possible number of points for biomechanical values. With three stars for pedestrian protection, the new Golf is, according to the ADAC, “a car with one of the best levels of pedestrian protection available”.

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Source: The Auto Channel