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VW Jetta: Simply great fun

VW Jetta
Another nice review here of the VW Jetta.

Bathory likes diesels, he says, “because you don’t have to service them much — 100,000 miles between tune-ups is pretty good. The mileage is good and the reliability.”

When he’s buying a car, he says, “reliability comes first.”

After driving the car around town and on the highway south and west of the city, Bathory was very enthusiastic.

“It’s always a joy to drive that car,” he smiles. “It just handles extremely well. It’s tight. It’s fast. It always does exactly what you want it to.”

The new 2.0-litre, TDI four cylinder engine, he says, is “way superior” to its predecessor, never mind gas engines.

“There are no glow plugs to warm up. You just put the key in and turn it, so no waiting time. It’s only five or 10 per cent noisier than a gas engine. You’d have to get a V-6 in a gas engine to match it.”

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Source: Canada.com