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VW: More information about VW’s 2-seat sports car

We found some additional, but different information about VW’s new 2-seat sports car.

The modular chassis is said to use clever new kinematics in the new strut-based suspension system that does away with the need for pricey, Golf-style multi-link axles. Money pinching is crucial here, but not at the expense of delivering a fun-to-drive, pointy sports car.

To this end, R&D boss Ulrich Hackenberg has disclosed to CAR that the new affordable sports car will use parts-bin steering, brakes, electronics and DSG twin-clutch transmissions. Bearing in mind some of the expertise out there on Planet VW, that’s no bad thing…

You bet. CAR Online has already revealed the new sub-Boxster Porsche sports car and Ingolstadt is developing its own budget mid-engined sportster in the shape of the Audi R3.

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Source: Car Magazine