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VW Polo: First pictures of next generation

VW Polo
Here’s how the next-generation VW Polo might look like. Coming in summer 2009.

It’s a hole new look for the Polo. Volkswagen is upping the stakes for its long-serving supermini in a bid to keep up with the trendy new Ford Fiesta.

As our exclusive images reveal, the styling will closely mimic that of the new Golf MkVI as VW aims to revamp its look throughout the brand. Destined to arrive in May 2009, the fresh baby will boast familiar robust build quality along with generous spec.

Top models will get luxury kit such as touchscreen sat-nav, automatic park assist and a rear view camera. Both safety and handling are boosted, too, due to improved structural rigidity and a tweaked chassis. The engine range kicks off with two petrol-powered three-cylinders delivering 59bhp or 69bhp.

VW Polo

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Source: Auto Express