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Audi: 200.000 sales in US may happen faster than you think

Peter Schwarzenbauer
Audi AG’s board member for marketing and sales Peter Schwarzenbauer said some bullish words to American journalists that 200.000 sales in US might happen faster than expected.

Before the downturn, Audi planned to sell 200,000 cars in the USA within five to eight years. However, with the stock market and housing values falling and unemployment on the rise, he thinks this growth can now be attained in three to four years.

Schwarzenbauer theorized further. He mentioned wanting to make Audi the Apple of the Auto industry, with strong product quality and mix and a loyal following… an aspirational position. He’s also aware that every generation wants something new and that Audi has the youngest demographic, not just amongst its German rivals, but also against the rest of the luxury segment.

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Source: Fourtitude