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Audi A2: Successor coming, we have first impressions!

Audi A2
The Audi A2 will receive a successor, that was confirmed already by Audi. But today we have some more information and even the first impressions how it might look like. Make sure to read on.

The Audi A2 is expected for 2014 the very latest and it will be aligned with the small city car Audi E1 (first time to mention that name!) and the Mini-killer Audi A1.

The Audi A2 will be released as 5-door 3-liter car with a hybrid (combined with quattro) and maybe even a full-electric engine later on. An Audi A2 Sportback is also being considered with a slightly bigger trunk.

Engine will be taken from the VW up! and the roof line as you can see on the pictures will be raised compared to existing Audi models, very similar to the old Audi A2.

Audi A2

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Source: Autobild