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Audi A4L: Long-wheelbase A4 for Chinese market

Audi A4L
Audi is treating one of their most important markets with a brand new Audi A4L, a long-wheelbase A4 exclusively for China. The Audi A4L gains 60mm compared to the European or US version of the Audi A4.

* First long-wheelbase version in China’s premium B segment
* Marketing and Sales Board Member Schwarzenbauer: “We will export the success of the new Audi A4 to China”
* Market launch in January 2009

Audi is the first premium brand to introduce a prestigious long-wheelbase version in the upper mid-size category exclusively for the Chinese market: the Audi A4L’s wheelbase is 60 millimeters (2.36 inches) longer, which benefits rear-seat passengers in particular. The A4L thus offers unrivalled spaciousness in its segment.

Manufactured at the plant in Changchun, China, the new Audi A4L made its debut yesterday in Beijing. Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG, and the President of the FAW-VW joint venture, An Tiecheng, emphasized the importance of the new Audi A4L for the Chinese market.

Schwarzenbauer said: “The long-wheelbase version of the Audi A4 is being produced exclusively in China for the Chinese market. With this premium product, we chose to go even further than elsewhere in the world to meet the requirements of our Chinese customers.”

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Source: Autoblog