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Audi A5: Seat time report

Audi A5
Another nice seat time report, this time with the Audi A5. Enjoy!

So what was the surprise? Perhaps its reputation that precedes the A5, the Q-ships from the Audi S-Lines, and big-gun RS-Line. Once I cleared L.A. and was over the Grapevine, I had several different Infinitis pull up alongside, take a look, pull ahead, and then back off. I’m already doing a sedate 85 mph, making good time, and not really interested. When a new Mustang pulled the same stunt on Highway 101 outside King City, Calif., I was baffled. The 3.2-liter V6 is good for an honest, if not spectacular, 265 hp-but hardly the stuff of a racer. So what was it about the A5 coupe that made it a lightening rod to the competition? Aesthetics. The simple change up front with that massive grille and the aggressive stance that harkens back to the original Auto Union Grand Prix cars and right onto the present killer Audi R8. Regardless of whether it was in motion or sitting in a parking lot, the A5 just looks the part.

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Source: European Car Web