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Audi: Going 90% dual-clutch transmission in future?

Audi R8
Interesting outlook here provided by Wolfgang Hatz, head of Powertrain Development for the Volkswagen Group, that Audi could use 90% dual-clutch transmission in future.

Citing reasons of fuel efficiency and performance, head of Powertrain Development for the Volkswagen Group Wolfgang Hatz estimates that the vast majority of future production will feature dual-clutch transmissions.

“In the future, I expect that 90% of our transmissions will be double-clutch,” Hatz told Motor Trend Online. He went on to say the technology will expand beyond small-displacement, lower-powered models, suggesting the latest dual-clutch offering on the Audi Q5 and S4 would be adequate for the majority of Audi’s lineup with its ability to handle power in the neighborhood of 440 lb-ft of torque. Hatz added the technology would be available in the future on the “supersport” segment — and possibly a future R8 — though no specific timeframe was mentioned.

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Source: Motor Trend