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Audi: New configurator in the US

Audi Configurator
Audi of America has launched a new car configurator. Have a look! Great tool to spend some hours building your dream car.

Today’s users want to be able to literally configure a car on the fly by adding and subtracting options while watching the changes in graphics occur real-time. They additionally want optimal flexibility around configuring and reconfiguring various models without having to start over from scratch each time. Last they want to be able to find all of the current model offerings, as well as upgrades and options, available to be configured.

We logged onto www.audiusa.com tonight and found that Audi has slipped a configurator update onto their site apparently just today. As with the list of items above that are important to us, Audi seems to have gotten it right. Users can configure and price anything from the new A4 to a top-of-the-line R8 and we found all specs and options updated.

Audi Configurator

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Source: AudiWorld