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Audi Q5: Another win

Audi Q5
Nice review here of the Audi Q5.

The Q5 — available in March ’09 — has plenty of family-friendly functionality mixed with German engineering and a sexy design. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re talking sensuous LED daytime running lights, gorgeous wood-grained accents (actual real wood from actual real trees), heated and cooled cupholders, second-row seats that recline slightly to help properly angle child-safety seats, fabulously accessible Latch connectors, a backup camera, an automatic tailgate and more.

For families who haul lots of stuff on top of their cars, such as skis, luggage, Christmas trees and the like, the roof’s cross rails communicate with the Q5’s stability control system. Just as you walk differently when you’re carrying a 30-pound toddler on your hip, your car should drive differently when it’s carrying a heavy load, as well. Now that’s smart engineering!

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Source: Motherproof