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Audi Q5: The best mid-size SUV to drive

Audi Q5
We found a very nice review of the Audi Q5, the “best mid-size SUV to drive”.

This is the best mid-size SUV to drive that the world has yet known. It’s not perfect but it rivals a Porsche 911 in being a triumph of development over design (the oldest 911 cliché of all).

It has proper steering with a consistent, linear response and no vagueness, it stays level in corners without feeling stiff-legged and jittery (the usual “sporty” SUV problem), and it copes smoothly with bumps.

The Q5 is more evidence that Audi’s engineers have recently discovered the secret of driver-pleasing vehicle dynamics, having missed the point for years. Specifically, the Q5 has unusually sophisticated suspension design, and it can be had (as in the cars I drove) with Audi drive select.

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