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Audi S4: Pray for rain

Audi S4
We have seen many reviews of the new Audi S4 so far, but not too many people “get” this car right and understand the sheer awesomeness of the achievements. That’s why we are always happy to see if somebody finally gets it right, like the guys from AudiWorld with their first drive report. Enjoy!

For those of you with short attention spans, we’ll cut right to the bottom line. The new B8 S4 is better than the old one. The supercharged V6 is better than the V8. The new car is lighter, faster, more fuel efficient, more rewarding to drive and cheaper to boot. The optional rear sport differential rocks – no question. The B8 S4 may be more fun than any other Audi (save for the R8) in the rain. There’s no Avant for the US, and that’s probably not going to change. Yes, we asked twice. Do we have your attention? Would you like to know more? Perhaps you’re skeptical of these bold claims. In any case, keep reading as there’s a lot more to the story…

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Source: AudiWorld