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Audi S4: S is for sideways

Audi S4
We found a really great review of the new Audi S4. Finally somebody who understood the real deal with the new Audi S4. Make sure to read!

The new S4 is different. Very different.

As driving environments go, the Audi S4’s is among the very best.

Audi’s chassis expert’s smile is rather forced when I suggest disabling the ESP and ASR. The track is wet and I’ve only driven around one corner. To his credit he hits the ESP button and a light appears in the dash to tell me the electronic safety nets are disabled. What happens next is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in an Audi – save the R8. The S4 turns in sharply on the slippery surface and the rear slowly arcs out under power into a glorious power slide. It’s all so balanced, so neutral and controllable that every corner on my four lap stint is taken with varying degrees of opposite lock. I’d expect such playfulness in a rear-wheel drive BMW 3 Series or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class but not a four-wheel drive Audi. Not even an S-badged one.

Audi’s A4 performance flagship blends all the ‘I want’ style, build and classy appeal of the rest of the A4 range with a shot of driving adrenaline and sporting ability that makes the S4 a brilliant all-rounder. It’s not just a good fast Audi, but a real contender in its class for top honours. With the S4 this good the next RS4 (which Audi is still officially denying) should be absolutely sensational.

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Source: Car Enthusiast