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Audi S5: Tackling the BMW 335i

Audi S5
Nice review here of the Audi S5 which is tackling the BMW 335i. Wait for the new Audi S4 which is superior to the BMW 335i in almost any terms.

We’ll get further into the performance bit a little further on, because there is an undeniable style aspect to this one that simply cannot be ignored. And we’ll tell you up front that the Audi wins that one. Hands down.

Took a deep breath and strapped myself into the sumptuous Audi’s cabin and expected to be chasing a ten or an eleven considering my previous experiences of the two brands. Two corners in I realised something was different. The S5’s steering is alive and at first I thought there was something wrong when the back end started getting all happy and seemed to want to play along. Surely being an Audi, this can’t be the case?

It was — as I grew to know what the car wanted I became one with it more so than I ever have with an Audi, bar perhaps the R8. It turns, responds and feeds back brilliantly, allowing you to play with the rear end to find a neutral stance — or even get a bit of an oversteer going — to totally kill that old Audi bugbear of an inherent push dead.

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Source: iAfrica