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Audi: Truth in 24 launched at AFI film fest

Audi Truth in 24
Audi of America has launched a cool-looking movie which I can’t await to finally watch, Truth in 24, during the AFI film fest.

The 100-minute film focuses on the German automaker’s racing team that successfully beat back rival Peugeot this summer to win its eight victory in nine years at Le Mans, easily one of the world’s most grueling auto races, given that it lasts 24 hours. Race was the center of Steve McQueen’s Le Mans, in 1971. Paul Newman’s also placed second in the race.

Now that it’s bowed, Audi is considering theatrical distribution for the pic, as well as a TV partner. It certainly deserves an audience.

That’s because what works is how easily accessible the film makes Le Mans to non-racing fans. Backed by stunning visuals from cinematographer Hank McElwee and narration by Jason Statham (who is turning into a spokesperson for Audi after driving one of its sleek sedans in Transporter 2 and the upcoming third installment), the film skillfully spotlights the personalities of the drivers in the cars. It builds up the drama of the Audi team as the underdogs entering the race to win back their title with an aging car up against menacing looking rockets from their French rival.

In fact, it almost plays out like a football movie, building up a team’s struggle to face all challenges to win the final game (in this case, race) to an exciting climax.

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Source: Variety.com