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Audi TTS: Driving report

Audi TTS
Here’s a very cool driving report with the awesome Audi TTS.

Power comes on hard, but deceptively smooth… as if Audi technicians have taken a page from the Connolly leather book of Bentley. There’s no choir of cylinders like you might hear in say a Continental GT, but the TTS runs on up to 135 (it’s limited to 155 mph BTW) with as much grace, albeit not quite the pace, as its 12-cylinder biturbo cousin from Crewe. This is one of the smoothest 2.0T variants we’ve driven short of the B8 A4’s new Valvelift-equipped EA 888 four-banger and it’s got a lot less weight to pull around than the A4.

Also like the Bentley, the TTS is firmly planted and stable at these three-figure speeds with four-figure fines should one get caught. There’s no instability or floating sensation here, just cows and grass going by at blurring speed.

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Source: Fourtitude