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Audi TTS: Not easy finding fault

Audi TTS
We found another praising review of the Audi TTS.

It’s getting awfully difficult to criticize Audis these days. Take the TTS I’m driving this week. It’s pretty on the outside, just as comely inside and, lo and behold, it’s as sporty as its countenance suggests. Looking for warts in each successive Audi model rejuvenation is getting truly difficult.

As well, the front seat travel is incredible. I’m pretty sure even Shaquille O’Neal could stretch his legs up front with the driver’s seat fully aftward. And since the rear seat is really only meant for toddlers, that extra room up front is useful.

The topline TTS is festooned with hedonistic touches. The bucket seats, for instance, are swathed in the oh-so-soft alcantara leather that is quickly becoming an Audi trademark. The rest of the interior is equally upmarket.

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Source: Canada.com