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Bentley: Power on Ice driving experience coming this winter

Bentley will hold a ‘Power on Ice’ driving experience in Finland. Sounds fun!

Finland is known throughout the motorsports world for its production of some of the all-time greats to ever step behind a wheel, but also for its treacherous and enticing roads. Bentley will be capitalizing on both factors in February and March 2009, when it begins its ‘Power on Ice’ driving experience, which puts drivers on a frozen Finnish lake with 560-610hp (418-455kW) Continentals.

That much power in a rear-drive car is sure to make for some powersliding excitement, and Bentley hopes students of the school wil come away with a new appreciation for the cars. With temperatures commonly dipping to -30 degrees Celsius in the region during winter – the site is just 60km from the Arctic Circle – it will also be an adventure simply being there.

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Source: Motor Authority