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Help wanted!

Help wanted!

We are currently thinking about the future of The German Car Blog and which direction to take. While the core, the web’s most popular resource for German cars, is here to stay, we are considering several options to expand The German Car Blog into much more than just that.
Therefore your help in defining the future is crucial for us, because it’s all about you, our avid and loyal readers.
Please take a short time over the next few weeks to answer some simple polls which we will provide, it’s really appreciated!

Poll 1:

Long-time readers might remember that we made a brief foray into the world of forums, but honestly speaking we are no huge fans of them and we closed it down again. They are so 90’s, looks are ugly and user interaction is too complicated: search, find your thread, signup, post your reply…
There must be something simpler, nicer, better, something like Twitter, but as a private group without all the noise. Would you be interested in having exactly that?

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