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Lamborghini Estoque: Could be here by 2011

Lamborghini Estoque
The Lamborghini Estoque might come true soon, by 2011.

During an interview with Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s head of R&D, it was revealed that if Sant’Agata got the go-ahead to produce the car, development could begin as soon as next year. But just when exactly the approval is expected has yet to be disclosed. Should all go as planned, the car could reach dealerships by 2011 as a 2012 model.

Now, with a somewhat stable timetable out in the open, naturally the next question has to be: What will be under the hood? Reggiani confirmed the concept was created to accommodate a variety of engines — a first for any Lamborghini model. Anything from an-all new turbocharged V-8 to the current Gallardo LP 560-4’s direct-injected V-10 could possibly find its way under the four-door’s sharp hood. Hybrid and diesel models are also said to be under consideration as well in order to lower the brand’s CO2 output levels.

In concept form, the car is fitted with a detuned 5.2L V-10 from the Gallardo making around 500 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission — another first for Lamborghini — will likely direct power to all four wheels.

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Source: Motor Trend