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Porsche 911: Expert review

Porsche 911
We found an “expert review” of the new Porsche 911.

Most cars, even the performance ones, have adopted electric power steering these days, but Porsche sticks with a hydraulic setup: “We have real steering,” a spokesman enthused. I’ll note that EPS — adopted largely as low-hanging fruit to increase gas mileage — doesn’t always yield the numb response it exhibited early on, and in many cases it’s quite good. But Porsche didn’t go there, and the 911’s steering remains heavy but precise. Wend your way down a mountain road, and the nose points exactly where you want it. Any bumps along the way go straight through the wheel to your fingertips. Most luxury cars and many sports cars have done away with communicative steering; it’s nice to see the 911 retain it.

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Source: Cars.com