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Porsche Boxster Speedster: Coming to LA Motor Show

Porsche will show their next-generation mid-engine sportscar at the LA Motor Show.

Porsche will take the wraps off its next generation mid-engine sports cars at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. These new cars will come with Porsche’s new engine and transmission technology as well as many other significant technical and exterior refinements.

Also, for the first time ever at an auto show in the U.S., Porsche will display the initial car to carry the Porsche name and first mid-engine-a historic 60-year-old vehicle known simply and affectionately as Porsche No.1.

The company is also featuring the Porsche 550 Spyder, the famous mid-engine sports car and the first Porsche specifically designed as a race car. This 1955 550 RS Spyder is on loan from the special collection of Jerry Seinfeld.

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Source: PR Newswire