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Porsche Panamera: The technical story

Porsche Panamera
Here’s some very interesting technical background on the new Porsche Panamera. Make it a read!

Despite its size and performance, Porsche has integrated various weight-reduction measures. The car uses a steel monocoque structure, but the bonnet, doors and tailgate are all aluminium and there are many other lightweight metal and composite parts. All versions weigh less than 2000kg, and the lightest two-wheel-drive V6 is about 1600kg.

The car sits on a longish wheelbase of 2.92m to help accommodate the all-important rear compartment for two, along with a 100-litre fuel tank. Porsche says that one of the car’s key targets was to be no taller than a 911, and no longer than a Cayenne.

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Source: Autocar