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VW Corrado: Retro review

VW Corrado
Cool retro review here of the VW Corrado. Awesome car still!

The Corrado’s forte was handling. Twenty years before we were impressed at how the solid-axle Cobalt SS outshined the competition on a racetrack, the Corrado had the witches’ brew formula of torsion-beam handling dialed down to an art. Barrel into a corner in a properly sorted Corrado, and the car will err on the side of understeer. It will, with the right rubber, still stick to the road tenaciously — even with the inside rear tire lifted like a happy dog at a hydrant. Push harder and the car will run wide of its mark, with its nose gently stepping out as the rear follows, but simply lifting off the throttle will kill the understeer and bring the front end tight to its line. “The handling is terrific,” wrote Car in September of ’88, “better than the GTI 16V’s.” The kind of easy, predictable behavior that rewards the capable and keeps the inept from going home in a zipper bag.

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Source: Motive Mag