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VW Golf TwinDrive: New design unveiled

VW Golf TwinDrive
VW has unveiled a new design of the upcoming VW Golf TwinDrive.

The carmaker has now showed of a second-generation design, this time in the newMark VI Golf. In the latest version, the car develops a combined output of 176hp (130kW) and can automatically switch between electric-only, petrol-only, or a combination of both, with an intelligent operating system picking the optimal operating mode depending on individual route conditions.

While a typical hybrid vehicle uses an electric motor to supplement its internal combustion engine, “the exact opposite is true on the TwinDrive: here the diesel or gasoline engine supplements the E-motor,” explained VW CEO Martin Winterkorn.

No independent tests have been conducted yet but VW claims the vehicle averages about 94mpg (2.5L/100km) in fuel-economy and drive up to 50km on electric power alone.

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Source: Motor Authority