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VW NMS: New mid-size sedan spied in Germany?

Local Chattanooga, traditional, media WRCB claims to have the first spy shot the upcoming VW New Mid-Size Sedan. Old media and spy shots you might ask? Yeah, we remain skeptical as well.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News has obtained the first image of what the photographer calls the “test mule” for the new mid-size sedan (NMS) that Volkwagen will produce at the new plant in Chattanooga. The image was captured by zoom lens within the past few days in Germany as the car was being loaded on to a transporter.

The car in the photograph contains a sign in the windshield that reads “VW 411 NMS.” The letters NMS have been publicly referred to by Volkswagen as the code name for the new Chattanooga vehicle.

We shared a picture of the car with a corporate official with Volkwagen who told us, “Unfortunately, this is not the NMS.”

“This vehicle is built on the Jetta chassis which may also include some components of a new midsize sedan (NMS) being tested.”

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Source: Autoblog, WRCB