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VW Passat CC Performance Concept: Shown at SEMA

VW Passat CC Performance Concept
The VW Passat CC is a looker, even more now the VW Passat CC Performance Concept which was unveiled at SEMA.

The Super CC gets a grey pearl coat and blacked-out chrome, and pinstripe graphics from the hood to the rear spoiler that actually looks tasty in person.

Under the hood is the 2.0-liter TSI with a 3-stage APR turbo delivering Eco Mode (222 hp, 236 lb-ft.), GT Mode (252 hp, 268 lb-ft.) and Full Power Mode (311 hp, 313 lb-ft.). In Eco Mode, the car still get 33 mpg on the autoroute and 27 in the city. Inside, you sit on black Recaros with white piping. The car sits on wheels we’re going to call Walter Paytons, because they are pure sweetness. Hiding behind those wheels are white Brembo calipers that will be torturous to keep clean, but they’ll look the business after a wash. And those door handles, mounted low on the door of a dropped car, come up to our knees.

VW Passat CC Performance Concept

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Source: Autoblog