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VW: Start of testing for Car-2-Car system

VW Car-2-Car system
VW has started the testing for their car-2-car system.

The enlistment of a number of different manufacturers means that research regarding the “Car-2-Car” communication is being conducted to define a universal standard for communication between vehicles. This will allow vehicles to communicate potential hazards and other important information to nearby vehicles. For example, if a vehicle encounters an adverse condition such as a traffic jam, fog, an icy road surface or an accident, it will transmit this information to all potentially affected vehicles in the area. Approaching traffic is alerted, allowing drivers to adjust their driving to the upcoming situation.

The tests are being conducted at Volkswagen’s testing grounds in Dudehofen. Currently the test are being conducted in two Volkswagen vehicles, the Passat and the Golf, which both act as a sender, receiver and transmitter. ‘Ad-hoc networks’ based on wireless LAN technology are used to exchange data between the vehicles. The tests conducted simulated a variety of situations, including the presence of a motorcycle at an intersection, a stationary vehicle, a construction site and a police car in action.

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Source: Motor Authority