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VW Tiguan S: Review

VW Tiguan S
Interesting review here of the VW Tiguan S. Nice read!

The Tiguan does have an interesting new feature called Auto Hold. When the button behind the parking brake switch is pressed to engage Auto Hold, the system will keep the brakes applied when the vehicle comes to a stop. As the vehicle slows to a stop, the brake pressure is retained so that the brake pedal can be released and the vehicle won’t move. As soon as the gas is pressed the brakes are automatically released. This is really more useful on models equipped with a manual transmission rather than an automatic, but it does have utility when stopped on a hill.

Under the hood, all U.S.-bound Tiguans get VW’s latest 2.0L TSI four-cylinder with 200 hp and a very respectable 206 lb-ft of torque at just 1,700 rpm. The base S model can be had with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, though all other models are automatic only. Our base S model had the Tiptronic automatic. Tapping the shifter to the right from the D position allows for the usual up and down tap shifting, and you can push it backwards from D to engage Sport mode.

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Source: Autoblog