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VW Touareg R50: Offroad review

VW Touareg R50
Not too many people take the VW Touareg R50 really offroad, although they can as this review from Australia shows.

We’d all found out that the R50 is a stunning road vehicle. On the highway leading out to the track, it became obvious that the R50 will exceed all your expectations of the capabilities of a 2.6-tonne vehicle.

It’s the torque that really blows your mind and 850Nm is some serious grunt. When you’re overtaking, the push you feel from behind is all the convincing you need that 850Nm is what you need. Couple it with that seriously smooth ZF six-speed gearbox, and the drivetrain is a delight. However once the blacktop finishes, the challenge begins.

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Source: Car Advice