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VW up!: Production cancelled from Skoda plant!

VW up!
VW has cancelled the VW up! production at the Czech Skoda plant and is now hunting for a new location.

German concern Volkswagen, the owner of Czech car maker Skoda Auto, has decided to cancel the production of the Volkswagen Up! model in Skoda’s plant in Vrchlabi which it had originally planned to produce there, regional daily Boleslavsky denik said Friday.

Monetary risks linked to the Czech crown are the main reason for the cancellation of production, said Volkswagen spokesman Christoph Adomat. Production of the small and cheap model was to secure work to the plant for many years ahead.

“It is a fact we cannot do anything about. Nothing changes for the Vrchlabi plant,” Skoda Auto spokesman Jaroslav Cerny told CTK Friday.

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Source: Prague Monitor, picture by Wikimedia