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Audi A5: A stylish, debonair machine

Audi A5
We would add “soul” to this great review of the Audi A5.

I forgot that I wasn’t driving the sportier S5 version of this car, so impressed was I by the performance. The transmission refinement, engine power, ride, and handling are all superb. I picked up my friend Charley in Ypsilanti, and we took a back way to I-94 as we headed to downtown Detroit. This route is a series of two- and four-lane service roads surrounding the Willow Run Airport and leading to I-94, with a variety of surface qualities, radii, and camber. I hammered the A5 and it responded with all the alacrity one would expect of a premium German sport/luxury coupe. Grip, damping quality, and steering feel were all spot-on. And to top it all off, anytime you’re behind the wheel of this car, you feel like you’re in one of the most stylish machines on the road. And you are.

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Source: Automobile Mag