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Audi: Driving Experience on ice impressions from France

Audi Driving Experience
“Cool” impressions here from the Audi Driving Experience from France.

Driving on the Audi Driving Experience ice circuit is an invaluable experience. This training, with input from professional driving instructors, teaches extreme braking techniques and perfect driving on ice. The exercises demonstrate the effectiveness of active safety systems and quattro all-wheel drive.

Offering drivers a moment of pleasure and excitement, the Audi Driving Experience course is also an opportunity for learning what can be mastered over safety hazards on winter roads.

Last winter more than 775 people participated in these events.

The Audi Driving Experience Ice Circuit includes:
– 3 hectares
– 1 car track 800 meters long and 9 wide
– 6 cars to drive: Audi S3, Audi TTS Coupe, Audi S5.

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Source: Fourtitude