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Audi Q5: Best mid-size SUV the world has yet known

Audi Q5
Here’s a very nice review of the Audi Q5, the “best mid-size SUV the world has yet known”.

To drive, this is the best mid-size SUV the world has yet known. It’s not perfect but it rivals a Porsche 911 in being a triumph of development over design (the oldest 911 cliché of all). It has proper steering with a consistent, linear response and no vagueness, it stays level in corners without feeling stiff-legged and jittery (the usual “sporty” SUV problem), and it copes smoothly with bumps.

The Q5 is more evidence that Audi’s engineers have recently discovered the secret of driver-pleasing vehicle dynamics having missed the point for years. Specifically, the Q5 has unusually sophisticated suspension design, and it can be had (as in the cars I drove) with Audi Drive Select. This lets you choose Comfort, Auto and Dynamic settings which affect suspension firmness, steering weight and accelerator eagerness, and, if you dig further into the car set-up part of the Audi Multi-Media Interface (a sort of iDrive), you can change those settings individually for each parameter.

This all means the Q5 has adaptive suspension dampers, which are the key to its ability both to handle keenly and ride smoothly. It works best most of the time with everything set to Auto, which lets the suspension do its stuff properly.

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Source: The Independant