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Audi R8 GT3: Unveiled at Essen Motor Show

Audi R8 GT3
The awesome Audi R8 GT3 has been unveiled at the Essen Motor Show. Check the video below!

The €260,000 (plus VAT) asking price gets you the track-ready R8, which makes 500 horsepower from its mid-mounted V10. That power goes to the rear wheels (in GT3, AWD is a no-no) via a six-speed sequential gearbox. As you can see, the LMS certainly looks the part , with a subtly meaner nose, a big carbon-fiber front splitter, new mirrors, a giant rear wing, and a pretty wicked rear diffuser join the ten-cylinder engine among the changes made from road car to racer. Customer deliveries begin in Fall ’09.

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Source: Autoblog