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Audi RS4: Record the rush and win a lease of the BMW M3 killer

Audi RS4
Head over to the Audi of America website and grab your chance to win a lease of an Audi RS4.

When Audi announced back in June that everyday enthusiasts could compete for the chance to win a two-year lease on the last 2008 production Audi RS 4 Sedan, we thought people would get creative. That’s exactly what’s happened as Audi of America’s “Record the Rush” Challenge enticed participants in its Audi driving experience and Audi Sportscar Experience track programs to produce a short video explaining their passion for the brand, the details of their driving event, favorite or most surprising experience and ultimately why they deserve to win the two-year lease.

Six months later Audi has selected ten finalists and will now put it to public vote to select the ultimate winner. Well, that’s not exactly right. The finalist’ entries will be re-judged by a panel based on Creativity (35%), Relevance to Theme/Questions (35%) and finally on votes received from the public (30%). This of course means that while the public at large isn’t making the final call, it will carry about one-third of the weight in terms of making one aspiring videographer very happy indeed.

Of course the videos have to be viewed before any voting can occur, and all videos are available at Audi’s branded site www.recordtherush.com. Participants at least 21-years old who wish to vote must register first and then will be able to vote once per day, per e-mail. Voting closes December 30, 2008 meaning there isn’t much time to influence the outcome. Vote today!

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Source: AudiWorld