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Audi S5: Challenge Edition by STaSIS, first drive report

STaSIS Signature Series Audi S5 Challenge Edition
Interesting first drive report here with the STaSIS Signature Series Audi S5 Challenge Edition. One award goes to that name already!

STaSIS offers the Challenge Edition through Audi dealers for $13,995, and the idea is that you’ll get a daily driver that can also serve as a serious track-day car. Upgrades include the monstrously huge Alcon Mono6 370mm brakes that saved me from disaster at Infineon, 20″ STaSIS wheels, fatter sway bars, Torsen center differential, and exhaust and ECU upgrades that boost engine power to 364 horses (versus the stock 352). As I learned, it definitely gets the job done on the track; the braking capacity is the most obvious improvement over the factory S5, but it was clear that the suspension voodoo was quite effective as well.

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Source: Jalopnik