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Porsche Cayman S: Driving report

Porsche Cayman S
Another nice driving report with the Porsche Cayman S.

But the new Cayman is an iceberg – all the substance is beneath the surface.

They say the engine is the heart of a sports car and the Cayman’s had open-heart surgery.

The base model has a new 2.9-litre flat-six; the S model (Which is the only one available at our global drive program) gets a new 3.4-litre, direct-injection six that puts out 235kW.

It not a neck-snapper off the line, but it has a seemingly endless rush of power right to its 7500rpm red-line.

When most V8s are crying out for mercy, the Cayman’s six is just getting into its stride. Maximum power of 235kW arrives at 7200rpm, peak torque at 4750rpm.

It’s an amazing engine that fully exploits the limits of the Cayman’s equally impressive handling.

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Source: Drive