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Porsche Cayman S: Georg Kacher’s review

Porsche Cayman S
Georg Kacher has done another one of his famous and feared car reviews, this time with the Porsche Cayman S.

The Porsche Cayman should have been a failure. The first pictures showed an ugly and ungainly coupe tottering on tiny 17-inch wheels, it cost a few grand more than its cheaper-to-build Boxster sibling and it should have always been overshadowed by its 911 big brother.

But that never happened. Even though Porsche was clearly trying to reign the Cayman back, all but the most committed Porschephile will admit it has always been snapping at the 911’s heels. Others will even (whisper) that the Cayman is the better car.

And now, with the recent 911 facelift upping the rear-engined car’s power, Porsche has given itself the space to let the Cayman breathe and perhaps create the car the little coupe always should have been.

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