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Porsche Cayman S: Getting a technology infusion

Porsche Cayman S
Another nice driving report here of the Porsche Cayman S.

Once you start diving into the options list (actually, it’s more like a book) the changes inside grow more abundant. There’s now optional Bluetooth, plus wheel-mounted controls to complement the hands-free and audio systems. A full-function iPod jack can be added to the center console, while an all-new navigation system features one of the better music interfaces available. Additionally, the new maps, functions, and XM connectivity pull Porsche from the rear to the front of the usability pack. But more important are the updates hidden away behind the seats.

While the base Cayman gets a noteworthy bump to 265 hp and 221 lb-ft of torque, up from 245 hp and 201 lb-ft, this review will focus on the revised Cayman S with Porsche’s new PDK dual-clutch transmission. In addition to getting a similar power bump, the S is also updated with direct injection. And really, if given a choice, which would you drive?

Despite a 25-hp, 22 lb-ft boost, the new Cayman S doesn’t feel quicker off the line. And it isn’t, according to Porsche’s official 0-60 mph times of 5.1 seconds for both the 2008 and 2009 models. A look at dyno charts for each car helps explain this unexpected phenomenon. Revisions to the new engine helped free up more power at higher revs and even moved the redline up to 7300 rpm. Both engines make similar power on up to the 2008 Cayman S’s power peak of 295 hp at 6250 rpm. But the 2009 engine doesn’t stop there, making 320 hp at a screaming 7200 rpm.

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Source: Motive Magazine