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Porsche Cayman S: The pleasure principle

Porsche Cayman S
Another nice review of the new Porsche Cayman S which comes with a lot of pleasure.

The car as a whole is better than ever. This may come as a surprise, given that the new 911, while technically improved, is a somewhat less desirable and memorable car than its predecessor. The single-minded pursuit of greater efficiency has sucked out and sponged away a chunk of the charm that for the past 45 years has enabled the 911 to stand out from the crowd.

Not so in the Cayman. The new engine does indeed offer better performance and lower fuel consumption than the old unit, but it still sounds great and still responds with joy to every prod of the throttle. Mounted inches behind your head (rather than in the boot, as in the 911), it is a constant, irrepressible presence.

Nor has the car been compromised by Porsche’s modifications to the supension. Since it was launched, the Cayman has always been Porsche’s lightest, most responsive and best handling product, and now its advantage is more stark than ever. And with that trick differential, you can jump on the power at the exit of tight corners, knowing the car now possesses the ability to direct it all where it is needed: straight to the surface of the road.

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Source: Times Online