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VW Polo: Preview of next generation

VW Polo
Here’s a preview of the next-generation VW Polo coming in 2010.

As this latest rendering suggests, the new Polo will feature a more chiseled look as seen on the recently launched Mark VI Golf. The new model will be slightly bigger than the current version, helping to it compete with the recently updated Ford Fiesta and Honda Fit – both of which have grown in size. This will also leave room for VW’s smaller entry based on the up! concept, which is rumored to be called the Chico and destined to spawn a family of new minicars.

New to the model family will be a mild hybrid option with regenerative braking technology and electronically controlled components. Carrying over from the current lineup will be a performance GTI model, possibly featuring VW’s brilliant 170hp (125kW) 1.4L TSI engine.

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Source: Motor Authority