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VW Scirocco R20T: More info

VW Scirocco R20T
We found more information on the upcoming VW Scirocco R20T, the high-performance Scirocco coming in 2010.

When the model joins the line-up, it’s likely to be badged R20T – as Auto Express revealedin Issue 1,041. It will come with a 2.0-litre TFSI turbocharged petrol engine,giving 262bhp.
This powerplant has been shoehorned into the Studie R, andis a development of the current Audi S3’s unit. It promises to shave about a second off the Audi’s 0-62mph time, giving a figure of around six seconds. The VW Group’s dual-clutch DSG box is also likely to feature.

The Studie R’s racing genes are much in evidence, with sports suspension, four-pot brake calipers and what VW says is a ‘sound-optimised’ exhaust system. If this makes it to the production version of the car, your neighbours will certainly hear you coming!

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Source: Auto Express